My first wedding 3 years ago today

Today is an anniversary of my first wedding I shot as a photographer. I can remember it as if it was yesterday. I was in college up in Dundaulk studying photography under Ken Finegan of ( who thought me everything I know today and is still a great leader of the photographic profession. It was an exciting time for me doing my first wedding in my home town of Kilcock, I knew it like the back of my hand the church was like my home I knew the lighting, the background the ups & downs of it inside-out. Although I never done one before, I had attended loads of weddings as a child and watched everything that went on within a wedding day.

Was i nervous? – I would say maybe but as far as i can recall it I was pretty confident as i was taken photos in different situations everyday so it didn’t seem to bother me much with regards worrying, I told myself as long as i get the main family and bride & groom shots after that I’m flying. Get the photograph properly exposed was my MAIN target for my day. Like the weather was today, three years ago it was similar in weather style but didn’t stop me from getting some nice photos. I carried out the wedding with no flaws thankfully.

The church was in Kilcock town in co. kildare with the reception been held in the Hamlet Court Hotel in Johnstown not far from Enfield. Turned out to be a cracking wedding with great photos, band, Dj & a fantastic couple who I can gladly say are three years happily married today.

To Donna & Mick Rock, happy anniversary  from Darren Byrne Photography and many more of them.

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