”Discover Kilcock” PROMO video*

Hi, I’ve been thinking about Kilcock and everything that goes on in the town, with regards trying to create jobs,promoting businesses,selling Kilcock as good place to be & visit.So I’ve come up with the idea to create a promo video for the town of Kilcock to show off its unique qualities and why people should visit, stay in Kilcock & shop in Kilcock etc. Im doing a poll here to see what people of kilcock think. This will be a something everyone from kilcock can get involved in.

What will be needed is,

  • Detailed list(s) of what we like to portray in our promo video,
  • What kind of audience we trying to target
  • Places in Kilcock that are unique and will show off Kilcock as an amazing place to be – The good things that kilcock has. Ie – Paul Robinson for irish running etc
  • Music to go with video to promote Kilcock and that will stay in peoples minds that that song reminds them of Kilcock or the video they saw of Kilcock town – Local Musicians could come up with theme song/sound
More stuff for this will be needed, as this is early stages i would like to just see who would be interested in helping out on project ”Discover Kilcock”. So please any suggestions on regards this please feel free to contact me, ill be taken names for the helping of this and all ideas are very welcome.

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