Todays Tip – Photo Quality

Todays tip –  21st March 2012

What sort of digital camera have you got? Is it a small one or a big DSLR or even your iPhone. Well today I’m talking about thee image size your camera produces when it takes a photo. Your camera is to be told by you what settings to use, how much light its taking in to produce the perfect exposed image,the speed at which the shutter is to open and close at etc. But what you have to realize is that you have to put this info into the camera first it doesn’t just know what you want and takes what you have imagined in your head.

So lets start todays tip. 

Firstly you need to route through your settings to find your image or picture resolution(picture quality). Most cameras today have settings to change the different quality/image sizes. When you select a lower quality you will get to take more photos, but in-fact what happens then is you go to print that amazing photo you took of your granny who has passed away and turns out the quality you took the photo at was to ”low” to get your photograph blown up and printed.

So by lowering your image quality you’re lowering your chances of printing a good quality photo when comes to printing. My advice would be to put your image quality to the ”biggest size” and buy either a second memory card or buy a bigger memory card. This may seem like your wasting money on silly little cards but in fact you’re not. It’s a small investment if you are anyway serious about your photos.

Tip Summary – Picture quality to the max – Buy a bigger memory card or buy a second one. And never delete photos, keep them it costs nothing and back them up on a DVD or CD.

Kilcock Online Radio – Launch Day 17th March 2012

Kilcock Online Radio

Kilcock has now got its very own online radio station. Its for online users and people with smart phones that can listen to the station while on the go. This was created and launched by Stephen Mc Donagh who lives in Kilcock and is a DJ but a radio & broadcast student in Dublin.

This will give Kilcock a voice and people who live out abroad to keep in touch with whats going on around the town.

I would like to wish Stephen and others who may in time get involved in the running of this great idea for the community of Kilcock the very best of luck from Darren Byrne Photography.

Antler Challenge 2012

Antler Challenge 2o12 media coverage. Images on this site are copyrighted and downgraded for web use.

Images are for sale please contact us if you wish to purchase any of the images or DVDs of this year or last years Antler Challenge.Please note there is a €5 delivery charge on the DVD’s. DVD’s can be collected.

Antler challenge dvd 2012



Images are bought at size of 12×8(A4) in a white frame only. Bigger sizes on request

€55 + p&p

The Salon Enfield – Charity Fashion Show

To view the HD trailer of this video and to watch a sneak preview please click the link to watch it on

Thanks for viewing my website. I had a great night in the Hamlet Court Hotel in Johnstown doing the video for the fashion show which was held in aid of Irish Autism. A huge crowd turned out, met lots of new people and potential customers which is also a plus.Everybody got a free four-ball round of golf in Knockanally golf club. There was a few different small local businesses there showcasing their stuff. I also met local photographer Ralph McKeon from Carbury.

Please contact me with regards purchasing a DVD of the fashion show.

€10 of the €15 go to the charity.

Tel: 0857574460

Photoshoot: Hip Hop street style

Went to the Capital of Ireland today. I had Grace Cassidy with me to model for the shoot! This was based on Hip Hop in the Street. It was a very fun day, with people looking and starring as if they never saw someone been photographed before. Had wonderful day and came out with fantastic images. Big thanks to Grace Cassidy for her time!

Friday Night Fever – Valentines Day

Here is a Special I am running for the month of January 2012. Simply pick up the phone, Call me & Book your time for your photo-shoot. This won’t be able to hold to many slots, So be sure to BOOK EARLY!


Simply its a special offer for couples who don’t have a nice or professional photo of just the two of them on there own, weather your youngest couple to the oldest in the country, Book in now, or book in your mother & father – Granny & Grandad.


Friday Night Fever - Valentines Day

My First High End Print


Im now moving on up in my photography and photography products. I’m getting my first high end print, printed by at a size of 30”x 30” which is then to be framed in a hand made contemporary, all white, stepped profile with a soft white mounted frame by Besoke & Co. The type of paper in which I will be using for my high end prints will be Hahnemuhle paper.

Hahnemuhle range of products for FineArt Printing is an award winning collection of genuine artist papers in a variety of surfaces, base weights (grammage) and structures, including inkjet printable canvases. Photographers and artists use Hahnemühle FineArt products with a premium inkjet coating for exclusive photography, prints, digital artworks and reproduction of art and photography in a superior gallery and museum standard.

Our papers provide an impressive and unique way to combine the precision of digital print media with the wonderful grace of genuine artist papers made in a traditional way. All our products meet the highest standards of colour range, depth, contrast, rendering and colour gradation. This enables extraordinary print results. The close cooperation maintained with leading inkjet printer manufacturers assures the universal compatibility of our products.


Here is the image in which will be my first high end print!