Photoshoot: Hip Hop street style

Went to the Capital of Ireland today. I had Grace Cassidy with me to model for the shoot! This was based on Hip Hop in the Street. It was a very fun day, with people looking and starring as if they never saw someone been photographed before. Had wonderful day and came out with fantastic images. Big thanks to Grace Cassidy for her time!

Actor head shots – Photo shoot

Today was nice day in my studio doing portrait work with actor named Selina. She wanted to get nice head shots for her portfolio and we spent the guts of an hour to an hour and half, talking, taken photos while having some of those funny moments throughout it. Ive just put some of the images together of her and put them up to show the start of my work I composed on my new apple iMac computer. This really is an amazing machine and look forward to producing my high-end images from it. The lighting set-up will be shown in one of the images. But for anyone I shot with 2lights, One soft box to camera left and one to model far right to create highlight. Hope you enjoy my work. Thanks – Darren Byrne from Kilcock who is a member of the irish professional photographers association!

Images copyright is owned by Darren Byrne

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Models wanted FREE photo shoot *

Hi, Im looking to update my portfolio and I would like to start off getting models in for a couple of photo shoots that are themed. This means only come to me with a theme in mind ready to rock and roll. Basically  just think up of photos shoot with a style that you may like, with a few locations you like and what sort of clothing you will use. I will take it on board and help tweak it a bit. Images will be given to you on disc for your own use but I require the rights of all images and allowed to use them where and when ever I like.

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Please us thecontact form I have below and contact me with regards your idea for a photoshoot.

Thanks – Darren Byrne LIPPA