CoilÒg RDS Qualifiers 2012

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Norman Pratt Memorial Run 2012

Norman Pratt Run 2012

The Celtic vehicle owners club held its 20th Norman Pratt memorial run this year of 2012. It was held in the Marriott Hotel in Ashbourne Co.Meath.All the drivers started to gather there outside in the parking areas from approx 9am. I got there myself at about 9.30am a small bit late as I was asked to be there for 9am. The sun was shining and the cars were gleaming with the polishing they got the evening previous.

I have done the video for this run for the past 3/4 years now and each year it seems to get better and better with more cars joining the run. This is a fun and memorable day for each person who is involved in the day, weather a driver, committee member, child, son or daughter, it’s a day not to be missed for all ages. I love videoing this as each year there is always new faces, and same faces but with new cars.

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Collistown Jumping 7th May 2012


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Todays Tip – BACK UP it’s a must


Back is not just for professional photographers its for every digital camera user/owner. With digital cameras been the norm these days people don’t need to go to the print lab to get the photos developed to see them, just upload onto their computer and can view nearly instantly. This is great in every way, fast easy to use, less costs involved to view images and more control over the editing to.

But my TIP is to back up your photos. Its a pain in the bum but take the few mins to burn the photos you just uploaded to your PC onto a Disc (I recommend a DVD bigger capacity) If your computer crashes, breaks or even stolen all those wonderful photos not to mention the memories captured will be gone forever. But if you back up our photos on a disc you will always have them.




Don’t allow it to be to late and never have those amazing photos to look back on.