Photoshoot: Hip Hop street style

Went to the Capital of Ireland today. I had Grace Cassidy with me to model for the shoot! This was based on Hip Hop in the Street. It was a very fun day, with people looking and starring as if they never saw someone been photographed before. Had wonderful day and came out with fantastic images. Big thanks to Grace Cassidy for her time!

Friday Night Fever – Valentines Day

Here is a Special I am running for the month of January 2012. Simply pick up the phone, Call me & Book your time for your photo-shoot. This won’t be able to hold to many slots, So be sure to BOOK EARLY!


Simply its a special offer for couples who don’t have a nice or professional photo of just the two of them on there own, weather your youngest couple to the oldest in the country, Book in now, or book in your mother & father – Granny & Grandad.


Friday Night Fever - Valentines Day

My First High End Print


Im now moving on up in my photography and photography products. I’m getting my first high end print, printed by at a size of 30”x 30” which is then to be framed in a hand made contemporary, all white, stepped profile with a soft white mounted frame by Besoke & Co. The type of paper in which I will be using for my high end prints will be Hahnemuhle paper.

Hahnemuhle range of products for FineArt Printing is an award winning collection of genuine artist papers in a variety of surfaces, base weights (grammage) and structures, including inkjet printable canvases. Photographers and artists use Hahnemühle FineArt products with a premium inkjet coating for exclusive photography, prints, digital artworks and reproduction of art and photography in a superior gallery and museum standard.

Our papers provide an impressive and unique way to combine the precision of digital print media with the wonderful grace of genuine artist papers made in a traditional way. All our products meet the highest standards of colour range, depth, contrast, rendering and colour gradation. This enables extraordinary print results. The close cooperation maintained with leading inkjet printer manufacturers assures the universal compatibility of our products.


Here is the image in which will be my first high end print!